Statement on Public Art:

Unlike the work I create in my studio where I have total control over the form, materials and content of the work, public art projects are by their nature a collaborative process. As such, I view myself as a member of a team whose goal is the completion of a collaborative project that reflects the vision and enriches the lives of the community. My approach to public art projects is to take the vision established by the client as the starting point and to develop creative solutions that brings it to tangible form within the defined budget.


Gavel. 2008
The Ohio Supreme Court.
Departments Building,South Pool. Columbus, OH
Stainless Steel and Concrete. 30’x15x12′

C.J. Mclin Bldg

C.J. McLin Water Resources Building
Central State University
Wilberforce Ohio
Middle Passage

Hale Hall

Frank Hale Black Student Center

The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Nkonde VI
Queen Mother Stool


School Employees Building. 2003
Columbus, Ohio
Entry Hall Lobby Stools
Lobi Stool II
Lobi Stool III

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