Public Art

Public Art Statement

Public art projects allow me to apply and expand the conceptual methodologies that I utilize in my studio practice. Unlike the work I create in my studio where I have total control over the form, materials, and content of the work, public art projects are by their nature a collaborative process. Within this context, I view myself as a member of a team whose goal is the completion of a project that reflects goals that enrich the lives of the community.

My approach to public art projects is to take the vision established by the client as the starting point and to develop creative solutions that bring it to tangible form sensitive to context and scale, within the defined budget.


Sound & Light
Expanded Cinema
Sun City Gateways
Reflecting Loss
Guns or Butter
Follow The Drinking Gourd
Dublin Recreation Center
Seats of Power
Double Victory
Kwanzaa Playground
Middle Passage
Steel Invocation Figures

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