Borders and Walls

Projection Mapped Animation

Gulf Cone Building | Cedars | Dallas Texas

Andrew F. Scott and the UTD ATEC LightSquad


The Gulf Cone Building in the Cedars neighborhood of Dallas, TX serves as the backdrop for a projection mapped animation entitled Borders and Walls. The Work directly confronts the immigration crisis on the Texas border and the forced incarceration of families and children. The work combines projected video and the sound of the migrant’s voices.

This work was presented as a part of “Built Environments” curated by MAC Gallery and the Cedars Union, a one-night-only outdoor new media exhibition including three Dallas-based artists: Julie Libersat, Kim Cadmus Owens, and Andrew Scott. The event expanded the reach of the Aurora “Future Worlds” event. 

ATEC LightSquad

Jonathan Davila, Abigail George, Paul Hinderliter, Isamary Luna, Anthony Marin, Leslie McCracken, Amir Naqi, Jennifer Newhard, Keenan Robbins, John Rose, Ann Souksavath,  Demetri Suttle, Megan Thompson, Joseph Wintermote, So Yeon You

Technical Director Matt Unkenholz


Terence Blanchard & E-Collective

Fabian Almazan Piano, Charles Altura Guitar, David”DJ”Ginyard Bass, Oscar Seaton Drums

Andrew F. Scott & The ATEC LightSquad

Matthew Unkenholz Technical Director, Amanda Goodwyn Lighting, Mike Snyder Video, Roxanne Minnish, Sarah Wall Photography, Amanda Marder, Vic Simon Production, Students: Omar Davila, Melanie Estes, Amanda Garrison, Paul Hinderliter, Alphonse Muse, Amir Naqi, David Rake, Pablo Reyes, Hae-Jin Scott, Joseph Wintermote,



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