My artwork serves as a bridge through which I can reconcile and communicate collective cultural ideals. These ideals are expressed as objects or installations which have relevance and significance on a variety of levels to the society in which they exist. As a result, most of my work is conceptually based. Once a concept has been defined, I will seek out and utilize whatever media and means that will best facilitate the realization of my ideas.

African American art and culture play an important part in the development and conceptualization of my ideas. Personally, I view traditional African and African American art in the spirit of Sankofa. That is, I view them as a means of retrieving my past so that I am better prepared to step into the future. In both traditions, dynamic formal qualities work in a symbiotic relationship with concepts that evoke collective cultural ideas. Through synthesis, manipulation and abstraction, I reinterpret these traditional forms and ideas and bring them into a modern context.

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